Joe Rogan needs to relax.

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Joe Rogan needs to kind of take a chill pill.

Between him criticizing Stephen A. Smith for stating his opinion and his total disrespect for wrestling. This guy really thinks he's the most important all knowing voice in MMA. He is definitely a good dude and important to the sport but dang.

Joe says Stephen A. can't criticize Donald Cerrone, because its not football or another American sport. Joe says MMA is too violent or something. Ok? Thats such a dumb argument I don't know where to begin. Two people agree to fight, Stephen A has an opinion on the events that transpired and Rogan absolutely could not take it. So much hurt butt.

Nearly every fight Rogan criticizes a takedown like its meaningless, but he is also the guy that has an orgasm after every time a fighter lands some wimpy leg kick.

Tonight Joe belittled Jon Jones' takedowns against Dominic Reyes.

Takedowns are valuable because in one on one combat the ability to take someone down is alot more skillful and valuable in a fight then a leg kick.

If MMA did not have rules, like if it was a streetfight, a takedown could prove disatorous. Way more problematic than a dumb leg kick Joe loves so much.

Joe does Jiu-Jitsu. Not a wrestling guy. Idk maybe he should just have a little respect for wrestlers.

Sheesh, Joe Rogan is a cool dude. Way more successful than me blah blah of course but it's just so annoying to hear Joe disrespect takedowns but yet ge loves a little tap from a foot to a leg. Wow, so damaging.



we used to make fun of Rogan because he would refer to almost every fighter of having "one punch knockout power."..... everyone.

I like Joe but at times he would annoy me a bit as well. I will say this though; since Joe will not travel overseas for any UFC events because of his obligations to his podcast I actually do miss his commentary when a PPV is in Japan or Korea.

Yeah no doubt Joe overall is cool just lately those things really bothered me. Thats so funny you point that out LOL. Never really thought about it. I think I just probably need to chill and watch other podcasts for awhile. Take a Rogan break lol. Just wanted to vent out my thoughts amd opinions. Joe Rogan doesn't give a crap what I think anyway! Lol

That stinks you can't seem out your way! I wonder if he'll ever go there again, maybe for comedy?

oh i don't live in Japan or Korea, and i wouldn't pay to go to the events anyway (too expensive) but when the broadcast is on TV and Joe isn't part of the commentary, I notice his absence and don't think his replacements are anywhere near as entertaining as he is.

Ah true, it's definitely always nice to hear Joe's voice commentating. Top notch and classic. I personally don't mind many other people commentating though. I love that fighters get to be heavily involved! Daniel Cormier does a great job as well.