UFC 254 Khabib vs Gaethje

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What an epic fight today.

After a long night of work the weekend is here and its time for some fights.

Luckily, I checked the start time of the fights today or I may have missed them. I was gonna assume they started later in the evening like they do the majority of the time, and fall asleep till like 6 P.M.

How mad I would have been!! Seeing the results on Instagram I would have been stone cold mad and shocked.

Buuuut I did check! I am super tired but this fight card is so worth it.

Khabib and Gaethje is such a mysterious and exciting fight. Khabib is such an elite grappler it's seriously amazing. He is a stone cold savage. Gaethje is a stone cold savage as well. He's been defeated in the past, but he's has never ever quit in the octagon. Like, ever. Since two tough losses, where again he's never quit the ref had to stop it, Gaethje has looked like a transformed and rejuvenated, reinvented fighter. Nobody has ever held Gaethje down with grappling and it's hard to imagine him getting held down tonight. Then again it's also hard to imagine Khabib NOT holding Justin down. Khabib holds EVERYONE down. Justin Gaethje is a thrilling, high level, powerful striker. Khabib's striking is often very overlooked because his wrestling is so much more superior than anyone else's.

It's hard to imagine either fighter getting finished, but both guys get finishes at a high rate, in their own way!

It's so hard to imagine Justin getting ground and pounded and it's so hard to see Khabib losing at all!! Let alone finished.

If I haven't mentioned already, Khabib is an undefeated champion and in MMA being undefeated is super rare.

Whoever wins this Lightweight Championship Fight, will have made a major historical MMA statement.

I am at a loss at who is going to win this one!!

I'm also really excited to see Robert Whittaker and Jared Cannonier in a massive Middleweight bout. The winner there will very likely get a title shot! This whole card is exciting!

What an awesome day of fights. I'm currently watching them as I write. Gonna crack open a couple beers and enjoy this Saturday afternoon!