Peter Schmeichel summoned Matic return to Manchester United Midfield.

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The current performance of Red devils has not been so good. The Manchester United Legend, Peter Schmeichel has issues with it, and he pushes for coming back of Matic to the team. Manchester United performance on Sunday after the 2-0 down against Sheffield United was nice, but they could not hold the win even when it remains only a few minutes to go. Manchester United performance would have been better if Matic was on the field of play.


According to the news, Schmeichel believes that the injured McTominay was also missed, and a replacement of Matic would be a good move to take now. Matic has been linked to Inter Milan recently, and if Ole refused to restore him now, the move may work through.

Manchester United has been among the top team in Europe and the way things are going they are already losing value. They are having issues signing players, and that is because they are not close to playing Champions League. Schmeichel made some good points and here they are:

‘They needed a player like Matic today, just to sit in that defensive midfield role and just calm things down,’

‘He’s been criticised for being slow and playing the ball backwards too many times, but sometimes they needed that in this game.’

He added: ‘I like Fred, but he definitely needs somebody strong, somebody that can control him.

‘You want to talk about where Man United are in this evolving period, but just the fact that Scott McTominay is not there is a problem.’

Owen Hargreaves, who was also in the studio, chimed in: ‘A midfield of Fred and [Andreas] Pereira, that’s not good enough at this level, sadly.’


He refected on Rashford words during the interveiw after Sheffied United match, where he said the draw was a deserve result.

‘One thing is to actually play the game, how you see it and how you feel it. He will remember the last bit of the game and maybe take that over more minutes.

‘I think if he watches it back I think he’ll change his mind a little bit. They didn’t exploit the little pockets of space before very late in the game. But full credit to them for carrying on and continuing to believe it and just waiting for that one opportunity that came in the 72nd minute.

‘From then on, I actually said it was going to be five because it was that kind of game when you’re suddenly a team that takes over and then you can score more goals. But full credit to Sheffield United for coming back, it was a deserved point for them.’

I hope to see Matic in action again. He is a good player, and I do not really understand why Ole he sidelining him.


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