Let's go disc golfing

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I thought I'd do my first #sportstalk post today. The sport I will be playing today is disc golf at Iowa Western Community College... Their course is called Treasure Cove..


It's a pay to play course.. $1..


But comes with a map and score card..


Inside the gazebo is the same information.. but not as handy to refer to later..


Hole 1 is a down hill shot which is pretty wide open. Hole 2 on the other hand introduces trees... lots of them.. the basket is straight down the center..


I played along until I got to hole 4 and was sidetracked by wild turkeys..


Hole 5 and the course starts to get longer.. this is the first of several par 4s...


Hole 7 was the site of today's #seven77 post

Continuing up to hole 9... a beastly hole.. 648 feet thru the woods..


A reprieve at hole 10.. I actually hit the marker pipe for pin placement A.. to bad the basket is in B..


Hole 11 is a hard dog leg right with a mando about 125 feet..


2 brilliant and exceptionally lucky shots later I am blessed with my first birdie..


Hole 12 is their signature hole and by far the most unique hole.. I stopped for a quick #cannabis break and shot the following video..

Hanging basket where I made another par..


It's not really that long of a walk to hole 13.. however I took the long cut.. aka got lost.. 20 minutes later...


Unfortunately I'm a idiot and went out without a fully charged phone so no more pictures were taken..

All in all a great course.. 4.5 out of 5 stars.. there are a shit ton of mosquitoes so bring your bug spray.. also... it's not really conducive to people who play on flip-flops.. Shoes are highly recommended..

Peace out y'all.. Dave


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A twelve pack and a dube is all I would need for the whole day! All for a $1 a play

only $1? that's a deal!

Looks like the perfect place to have a good day, $1 for that course must be cheap. Regards mate!

Most courses are actually free.. a pay to play course is a rarity but they're always better maintained

Enjoy, the ride.
I would have liked a picture of you in action.
Now I understand the comment:

bonus choking afterwards...

In the post, of #seven77.
Stay Good!

Looks like a fun round! You're from CO right? Do you ever play Fehringer?

Many many many times..

Here, enjoy some #sports token!

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