Bale might get a second chance after Asensio injury

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Real Madrid is in what i call big trouble as their star player Asensio was seriously injured during their last international champions cup with Arsenal. The striker lasted for just 20 mins in the game before the medical team took him out. The medical team in Madrid confirmed that Asensio will need to undergo a surgery that will take him off the pitch for several months.

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The issue of who's going to replace the super star in his wing is the major issue now, as all the players on the bench do not really have a bright future in the Spanish league. There are three possible players that zidane can choose from and I'm sure he will have to add one of them to his squad.

Most importantly Gareth bale may end up staying in Madrid, his departure is complicated for now and with his contract that reads till 2022 plus Asensio injury he might just end up staying in the club.

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