Brazilian police close neymar rape investigation

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The psg striker was accused of rape around may this year and he has denied any accusations of rape made by a woman. Sao paulo police officers have not found enough evidence to hold neymar down and so they have closed their investigation against the striker.

Neymar said on Instagram that what happened was a plan of extortion, sometimes we know that things like this happen. When you get too close to a superstar and someone of this caliber you find a way of taking something from that person. And this was the way the woman tried to extort the superstar.

In his text to his fans and loved ones he wrote that he would never do such a thing for any reason and he knew what was a stake if found guilty of such accusations, he made the public understand that what happened in that room was direct opposite to what the woman claimed. A video surfaced outside and in that video you could see the woman beating neymar up and he was just trying to block all those beatings from her.

Neymar exposed all the chats with the girl so that the world will know he was not lying. And he advised others not to always delete their chats as it would be helpful.

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