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Up at six again. Been pretty consistent with that the past few nights, so that’s good. Only a half hour short, and it’s adding up now, but I still pushed through the afternoon.

The morning routine was relatively uneventful. Cryptos trading sideways, so I’m still hodling my BTC.

Seems like the market really wants to reverse! Basically no responses from the Halvening or the golden the market is ignoring fundamentals and then freaking out about someone moving some coins from 2009. 😛😡

STEEM is holding and rising...I absolutely cannot imagine why. Who wants to buy into a chain where your funds can just be forked away from you?!?! I suppose insiders are probably propping up the price, but that’s merely speculation.

Otherwise, not too much going on and we headed out early for our walk. Got the #AutomaticWin whole we were out, no problem, and then finished up the #TripleTen doing laps around the house.



Not to terribly cold, but we definitely got rained on! I think we earned a couple of bonus hardcoreness points.



Between the trees and the bushes, there’s flowers everywhere. 😄


Amazing how the water beads up on the blades of grass!


Lots of splishy splashy from the rain, but nobody else down at the pond. Plenty of birdies chirping away, though. 😀


Shrooms are loving this weather! They’re multiplying!!!! 😱😝


Love this part of the trail in the summertime. The rain kept the bugs to a relative minimum, but the helicopter sized skeeters 🦟 weren’t bothered...getting to be that time of year again. 😢


In the afternoon I started doing a little bit of the planning for my classes starting next Tuesday. I didn’t get too far, but some of the overall plan is laid out, so I feel a little better.

Tomorrow I need to paint the chalkboard wall and create the homework. Good news is I got a third section!!! Maybe I’ll be able to afford a new Apple Watch since @wenchebakken just got one yesterday and I’m majorly jealous. 😡🤬

Our new digital scale finally came today! Yay! Super useful tool, don’t know why I didn’t have one already.

I putzed around in the garage stripping some wire and got all the copper clad windings out of the dryer motor.

Here’s the copper I ended up with from the washer and dryer:



And the brass:



Stripped a nice piece of pure aluminum wire and some coaxial cable:


Ended up with nearly a kilogram of the motor windings. This stuff is aggravating the shit out of me and I might just end up saying “nevermind” since melting it wouldn’t be pure anything. 😖



Afterward, I played a bit of Wolfenstein and then made a fried egg and ham sandwich for dinner. We watched some Stargate, and that was another revolution done.

Hooray! I got paid again today. My dCity was crime-free! 😀 Im only a couple days away from being able to afford an Apartment, but I think I should probably wait...having twenty unemployed will boost the crime rate, I believe.


I actually got all my Holybread tasks done today!! 🥳 I had to fight guys lower than me a couple times to get it, but fair is fair.


Still stuck at eighty. At least I’m not falling. 😃



For my Splinterlands quest today I had three wins without neutral monsters again. I got on a good streak and was within striking distance of Diamond I, but it was not to be.



I got a bit frustrated trying to get to the next league, and gave up fairly quickly. Completed the quest in Diamond II with a quest potion.

Lame rewards again today:



Proof of #AutomaticWin:


Proof of #TripleTen:


Average Last 7 Days: 16,452

Lifetime Average: 15,891

10k per Day Streak: 59
Longest Streak: 196

Distance on shoes: 424.27 km


#AutomaticWin Tally: 201
#AutomaticWin Streak: 1
Longest Streak: 19

#TripleTen Tally: 93
#TripleTen Streak: 1
Longest Streak: 7

#DoubleDay Tally: 128
#DoubleDay Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 5

Highest Floors: 120

Highest Daily Points: 41,528

Zombies evaded: 0/0

Mindfulness Diary:

Health: 77%
Satisfaction: 88%
Energy: 91%
Productivity: 80%







Pi Cloud Mining



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