Another Win Against Three Meta Heroes

in #sportstalklast year

Hello guys, I will be sharing here my recent game in ranked match using the hero Dyrroth where we got an epic comeback. The enemy heroes consist of meta heroes such as X-Borg, Guineverre and Khufra. As for us, we have two marksman with no tank. When you first take a look at it, the enemy does the upper hand. During the game, they did really have the upper hand and dominated the game. I thought it was a gg on us. But the opponents had a mistake that we took and made it our opportunity. They made the game long which is dangerous for marksman especially we got two. A clash happened between 4 of my teammates against four of them. And only X-borg was left alive during that clash. As for me, we were having a one on one battle against Kagura at the top lane. I got the upper hand in that match up since I was able to dodge the umbrella of Kagura then I initiated my attack. And that was the winning moment for us when X-Borg was the one left to defend their base while we are still complete. Luckily, we won the game at the end.