Make your team! $15 challenge.

in sportstalk •  5 days ago 


My team.

$2 John Stockton
$5 MJ
$5 Lebron James
$1 KG
$2 Shaq

Shaq is the most dominate player to ever play the game. He killed people!

Being a jazz fan it was awesome to pick up Stockton for $2. That is super cheap.

I think my weak spot is the power forward. Kevin Garnett was good but would have loved to get Tim Duncan in that spot.

I want to see your picks. Not sure if many of the people that see this are NBA fans.

I’ve been missing the nba. Excited for next season.

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In spite of have played basketball in my teens (more than 50 years ago), I am not a NBA fan, so I can't pick a team. To me some are only names and others are completely unknown...