Did Ramsey stole Ronaldo goal yesterday?

in #sportstalk2 years ago

Yesterday to Rolando may not be the best. Juvenetus had UCL giant lokomotive and from statistics, Ronaldo yet to score long free kick in Juvenetus but had scored 46 long free kick in his entire known career.

Yesterday would have broke that very record of a freekick in Juvenetus but that didn't happen when Ramsey rushed and tip an already in-net-ball.

Juvenetus was happy about that very goal but it was clear and obvious that C Ronaldo wasn't happy. This is a goal he already counted on his name and not just a goal but a very special free kick goal for the first time in Juvenetus.

But I think many things are fair in game of football and this is one of them. The aim is to win and Ramsey must have carried that mentality of sure win. Thus he was right to make sure the ball enters the net. We can't control his sub conscious, maybe was of fear the keeper may get the ball. A goal is not a goal for Ronaldo but a goal for Juvenetus.

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