New season on goaltycoons - Season 68

in #sportstalk2 years ago

Tomorrow begins the new season on goaltycoons strategic game. It's another season of battle for 1st 12 out of 16 teams. Another season of surprises as many teams getting dangerously equip by buying hot players and upgrading facilities.


Lite 247 is not missing in that action!

Prediction takes it that Lite will make it to top 4 this time around. We hope so and we hope our Federation will represent well in continental taken actions from Eqyptians.

We have new four members in league 1 , and the question is , who are those last four that will drop to league two by end of the season?

Predict 2 and get a price from me personally.

We have a little problem in this season 68. There is increase in amount used to purchase good and drinks and also increase in amount of stadium elements. Not just increase but 100% increase. Many protesting in World chat on this very action by GT and we hope GT will reverse this very action because it is inhuman to think talk of putting it in action.

Always watch out for Lite247

Join us on goal tycoon by clicking the link below.