Met Are Watching Their Wild Card Chances Slip Away

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The Mets went on a hot post all-star break run which put them right back in the middle of the Wild Card race.

After a rough first half, the team took advantage of a weak schedule and destroyed the teams they were playing. They won 14 out of 15 games to put themselves in the middle of the Wild Card race.

Sadly, as the schedule got tougher, the Mets started to fall apart. This is not something that is helping their chances.

After being swept at home by the Braves over the weekend, the team faces a similar plight against the Chicago Cubs. Losing the first two games means the Mets need a victory to avoid the sweep.

The team sends its ace out in Jacob deGrom. While we know what he will give the team, the truth is it did not result in victories over the last few years. The Mets are in dire need of a win.

There is a little more than a month left to go and falling another couple games back might be a hole too deep to climb out of. This is something the team will have to guard against. Noah Syndergaard, who was pitching very well over the last 6 weeks picked the wrong time to lay an egg last night.

Going forward, the Mets are going to have to be almost perfect on the field. They are going to lose games, this is baseball. However, there is little margin and the team cannot sabotage itself. Mickey Callaway is going to have to manage above what he has shown to pull this off.

Poor defense, questionable managerial decisions, and untimely strikeouts are killing this team. Just when the bullpen starts to straighten things out, the rest of the team starts to fall apart.

In the end, if the Mets want to be a playoff team, they best play like one. There is no backing into the dance this year.

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