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Cryptocurrencies are becoming a hot topic in the NFL, which reflects the interest of the league in modernizing. We have already seen how Litecoin has become the official currency of the Miami Dolphins. Now it's Russell Okung, San Diego Chargers player, who shows his interest in the subject again.


¿What did Okung say?

On July 24, Okung tweeted that the team's first conversation in the training camp at the start of the NFL preseason was about Bitcoin. Immediately after posting that tweet, Bitcoin ambassadors and many other people began a conversation on the subject. The debate became very lively.

The importance of this tweet is that the person who published it is a professional player. And not only that, but the team's first conversation was on this topic. It seems that cryptocurrencies are making their way in the NFL. Although it may be too early for such a bold statement, Okung's tweet seems to corroborate it. The question is: how long will it take until the NFL accepts Bitcoin and the rest of cryptocurrencies as a generalized form of payment?

Okung, a Bitcoin advocate

July's tweet is not the first one in which Okung mentions Bitcoin. In May, Okung tweeted that he should be paid in Bitcoins. In that same tweet, other NFL teammates shared their opinion. Specifically they complained that NBA players have better contracts. Some claimed that receiving payment in Bitcoins could help reduce this gap. If this happened, it is possible that the professional sports sector could be stabilized. However, there is a question that we should not ask ourselves: at what cost would this reduction in the wage gap occur?

I will not be the one who seeks to give a pessimistic tone to a conversation that seemed so positive. However, I think it is necessary to ask this question. After all, Isaac Newton said in his day that for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Could it be applied to this situation?

Overall, I think cryptocurrencies could be advantageous for the NFL. Now, the way this can occur is not as simple as it seems. I think it takes more than a cryptocurrency advocate.


Cryptocurrencies in the NFL

The defense of Bitcoin by Okung, and the suggestion that it should charge in this currency, brings the NFL closer to the possibility of adopting large-scale cryptocurrencies. Think about it: Litecoin becomes the official currency of the Miami Dolphins and Okung does not stop tweeting about Bitcoin. Both facts seem to encourage the use of cryptocurrencies. No one can guarantee that the NFL will adopt cryptocurrencies immediately but it seems that it is not a very distant future.

Now, for the use of cryptocurrencies to spread, two things are necessary: ​​crypto-ambassadors and a cultural change. Needless to explain the role of crypto ambassadors. However, what do we understand by cultural change? When we talk about cultural change we mean that everyone must open up to cryptocurrencies and use them responsibly.

Some argue that it is necessary to introduce stricter legislation. This reasoning has its logic, since cryptocurrencies need some protection. For example, in case of fraud, offenders should be accountable and return the funds to their owners. However, there is currently no legislation, or at least not one that can be easily implemented. For this reason, cryptocurrencies are likely to only enter the NFL fully once the culture allows it and there is binding legislation that helps prevent fraud and other misconduct.