Sergio Aguero joins Barca!

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Life ain't static and always very dynamic. This time around, the news is about Man City's record goalscorer, Sergio Aguero, who has 260 goals to his name. After a decade of a successful stint at Man City, Argentina forward will be departing the Etihad for Camp Nou.

For sure, his stay at Man City wasn't a waste for the club going by the number of goals he has netted for the club. At least if he isn't the best scorer of all times, he is at least among first ten best scorers of all times at Manchester City. 260 goals isn't a record that will be easily beaten or forgotten in history.

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Aguero joined Man City in 2011 from Atletico Madrid and did write his name in the sand of time at Etihad. Even though injuries and illness restricted his appearances in final season at City, he should still be happy because, after all, he wasn't a failure.

We City fans including myself will surely miss him doing magic with ball. And I wish to use this opportunity to wish best of luck at Barcelona.



great move for Aguero and Barcelona. Now the void left by Suarez will be filled.

Looking forward to see how Barcelona perform next season.

He will surely be missed at City. A legend he was

Indeed, thanks for stopping by

My pleasure. Love reading from you