How to buy players from transfer market

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Goal tycoon is one of the best strategic game where one can earn real money playing the game. Manager's winning based on many factors and one is the type of player in his team. Apart from players GT will select for you, how can one purchase good players from the market?

First thing first, one need a transfer liscence which cost €10 . Without buying the liscence , no manager can bid for a player in the transfer market.
So after getting your liscence , what is next?

Click on markets > Transfers


We have 12 columns to discuss on.

Name is the name of the players in tranfer market.

Position is the position the player is playing. We have strikers, middle fielders , defenders and Goal keeper.

This is the name of the club

This is the players GS, it determines how good or bad a player is in his position. High score means better player.

The amount the player collects each day.

Determines how far a player can grow. The higher the start the more better the player and more room for growth with respect to training.

The age of the player. Note players retires at some certain age to become coaches depend on their positions.

Strikers = 35years
Mid fielders = 36years
Defenders = 38 years
Keepers 40 years

Last person that bids the player in the market.

This is the health status of the player.
Green good means healthy
Red bad means on injury.

This is the amount of gold bidder will pay at that particular time.

This is the time left for bid to be over.
Once bid is over and no one bid the player then it will go back to his club.

That is the bib button. Clicking on it confirms bidding!

The above are5 clear. Consider all above before bidding for a player expecially the age, salary and bid amount.

Join us and enjoy GT