Things around goaltycoon


Things around goaltycoon

Goaltycoon is a strategic game where one tends to win real money. I have tried to make some post to discuss on how to play this game. Today I will say one or two things that exist within the game itself.

Talking about the star
Players within the game comes with stars
We have 1star, 2star, 3star, 4star, 5star, and super star

The star is a very important feature in a player.
The more the star, the more the player abilities increases during training and the more the GS.

A player with star one for example cannot have his scoring power more than 40% no matter the training by any trainer.

Talking about the super star.
The super star is the only player that will make you qualify for continental match.
It is only teams with super stars features in continental matches . So having one is very important. The issue of super stars is the amount to get them in the market. They are very costly.