For me, I enjoy dancing, singing, gardening and taking a walk. I do them almost everyday. Are these my hobbies or sports? How about photographing, cycling, even playing of golf? What do you do with your spare time? What hobby or sports do you enjoy? This man enjoys playing on his guitar, could that be a sport or hobby?


How about this in the picture below who enjoys climbing


What makes an activity a sport or a hobby?
Well, some sports are hobbies but most hobbies are not sports.

Hobby is an activity we do for the fun of it. You enjoy doing it at your spare time. But Sport is an activity we engage in which require some kind of physical exertion. It is mainly for competitions with the intention of winning. It is more organised than a hobby and it hoes with a set of rules which all competitors must obey. In sport, all competitors have same goal and requirement.

However, sport can become a hobby when an individual engages in it routinely, without letup. For example, football. It is a sport, if not the best sport. But some youths play it without allowing a day to go by. It doesnt necessarily have to be played in a national stadium but they play it everyday, at home, from school, even alone sometimes without any opponent.. This time, it has become a hobby.

For a professional player, a sport is not a hobby. But if done for recreational purpose everytime, your sport can become your hobby. A hobby can be referred to your habit.


What matters in sport is your talent. But along with talents, athelets especially youths need the right motivation and direction. With the increase in different sport leagues, youths should turn their hobbies into sports and be given an opportunity to play.

E-sports for example involve exertion of the brain and when operating the controller, there is need for fast reflexes. It is competitive and entertaining.

How about some televised sports also? Are they really sports? Well, it depends on the eyes of the viewers, what makes it a sport involves the viewership of such activity but most especially if your physical power or skills is exerted and if it goes with a competition. Else, it is just a hobby.

What do you think? For an activity to be called sport, does the entire body need to be involved? How about scripted or stereotyped sports?