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Germany is a football crazy country and I was always living in football crazy cities.

My friends were playing it, talking about it and watching it to talk more about it after the game was finished.


I never got it. Not for the lack of trying though I went to a football club a couple of times but it was just no fun for me.

I still watched the big games but I am more what real football fans call an event fan. Even years later I dont get the appeal of it. People running after the ball , passing it around and pretending they got hurt.

When I look at my family there is pretty much no one who cares about football which is probably a big reason I dont either.

I sold snacks during the breaks in Kaiserslautern and when the teams were playing we could watch till 10 minutes before the break or end.

There I could see a bit why people go there. It is hard to resist the feeling of being a part of the collective.

I had a similar experience when I was at an UFC live event. Most people were just happy being there having a good time watching 2 dudes beating the shit out of each other, talking to your neighbour about a sport you enjoy.

I guess this is a reason why I still sometimes watch football games with friends, I dont really care what is going on but I still enjoy spending time with friends....even if I would rather watch the dudes who kick the shit out of each other.

Do you have a popular sport you were never a fan of? If yes why not?

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Cricket.i am never a fan of cricket but it is a nice and cool sports

I have never been drawn to football either. I have always thought of it as a mega hyped up game.

I love any sport apart from things such as Poker, Chess etc - Football remains my main one though but I get your points my friend. In my youth I did a lot track and field stuff in addition.

We have a local sport called Gaelic Football that the whole country loves but I was always more interested in English football. That and cricket

Gaelic Football is a bit like rugby? Seems similar from the pictures

Closest sport is aussie rules . Both sports play each other every year. Its called comprimised rules. We had to cancel it because it was turning into a boxing match every year. Fair d income mate!

I know that feeling if I'm in the company of people who like rugby. I really don't give a shit there but any excuse to drink some beer I guess :)

yeah same shoes different sport :-)

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