Good buy, bad buy?

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SPORTS is kind of cheap right now if you compare it to the prices we had a couple of days ago.

A dip? Or did we start overvalued?

I am not smart enough to answer this question so I buy a bit if prices drop this much. So I did not miss out on a good buying opportunity and neither I am all in.

As I see it, Steem itself is quite the gamble buying tokens for a tribe is multipling this gamble.

So why do it at all?

  • Tribes feel fresh. It feels like you spice up an old relationship you are in and even asked yourself a couple of times if it might not be better to break up.

  • New people and even new insights about those people. You may get in contact with new Steemians you would probably not meet before and you might get to learn a bit more about those you already knew so you become a bit more emotionally invested.

  • Opportunity Some tribes seem to do very well from a financial viewpoint.

  • A "restart" As all tribes are still very young, it is easier to integrate yourself and get to know the community

While this answers nothing if buying dip on SPORTS is good or bad....but it helps myself to gather my thoughts and see my motivation a bit more objectiv than usual.

I wrote about this yesterday already so I dont want to bore you with basically the same post.

Short : We have a lot of good we can enjoy and a lot of bad we have to endure for now. How the endgame will look ask?

Show me someone who claims to know and I show you a liar or someone who is way to invested here or another tribe.

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Buy more when it is low

Sports talk has shot up my engagement on steem like crazy and it’s got very few contributors at the moment I can only imagine as it grows and people catch on

I also got my cousin to sign up and try it! It’s his first time on the steem blockchain but he likes the idea of a sports only social media site

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I consider Sports Talk Social mildly successful so far. I am trying to distribute the rewards to as many users as I can. I just feel that we need to make people feel fairly rewarded by their participation. I need to work together. Discuss like this will help the community find the right answers. I will see..

I consider it a good buying opportunity. When I first tried to buy SPORTS tokens, I bought them around 0.02-0.08 per token. So did it make me a bad buyer? No. I was trying to be an early comer to the platform. Now, it might be a good chance to stake up. Unfortunately, I don't have any STEEMP left. But I will try to buy more during this chance. That is what I think.:D

I also paid 0.02 for 100 when we first started and that's a big investment!! I personally feel the price will fall as many try to cash in a little which is fair enough but the potential here is huge, people are still buying stakes and as @chekohler says, the engagement levels are rocketing which is great helped on by the early adopters sharing the love with some decent upvotes.

YES! You were just like me!
You're so right. I am watching Sports Talk Social so positively because unlike other platforms on Steem-engine, all the control is given to the users. So we can make different. For now, I carefully suppose the price does not matter, but the adoption rate is much more important! In terms of the adoption rate, I would say, it is going well. :D

Thanks for the info. I had no idea that the price was so high. I just joined the tribe a few days ago.

I'm thinking of buying more myself.

well if ones by the supply and demand thing that is something scary to look at but on the other hand the volume looks nice a greater demand and if token burning happens at regular interval that would be nice too

The price is going down rapidly, which I think was expected. But the best part is the community in making. It is nice to see sports-minded people coming together.

I think the price was always likely to drop from where it was a couple of weeks ago. A lot of people saw the value of post payouts and brought in early in order to surf that initial wave. That's over now but the hardwork of making this a decent community is only just starting.

I like the analogy about it being like a way to freshen up a relationship. Certainly, when I first started on Steem 18 months ago I found it really difficult to navigate my way around and understand what this place was and where I might fit in. The tribes and inparticular this one will give users a better sense of identity and I'm happy to be back here blogging alongside some great writers and awesome sports fans.

am personally letting the intitial craze sorta chill to see any type of groove then invest/power up, I am pretty middle path on stuff. Steemit is meh imho but the tribes and such are doing well,,,,well some are ;)

You know what regardless of price I enjoy the positive energy around at the moment. There are problems, of course, but it seems like people actually have a desire to at least try and solve those problems!

TBH, I quit trying to view anything that I put into crypto as an investment because I learned pretty early on that I have no idea what I'm talking about! :-)

I think there will be a few ups and downs over the next few weeks, particularly when all the Actifit people suddenly realise they have unclaimed tokens. There will be a lot of people who will just sell them. It will sort itself out as the community grows and settles down

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