My first BJJ session

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Joe Rogan said if you roll with someone who knows BJJ it feels like drowning. You move your hands like a chicken but still you cant keep yourself above the water.

This pretty much sums up my first time I was rolling with someone.

In my youth I was training Muay Thai and was decent at it I would say. After a long break I went to a gym and wanted to train again.

After a couple of sessions I realized that my Muay Thai time might have passed as I was not enjoying it this much anymore.

I trained with a dude who was a couple of years older than me. He had a bit of belly and you could see he was slowly going bold.

We sparred a couple of times and thanks to my previous training I was dominating him.

At one point I decided to give this BJJ thing a try. The same guy was also training and when we started rolling the roles had switched.

There was no hope for me. He armbared, triangled and pretty much did everything he wanted without any effort. There was just no way stopping it. It did not make any sense....I was convinced there was a chance for me stopping this problem...but nope, no chance.

Later I found out he was already a purple belt so he had trained for a couple of years already.

But this feeling of helplessness which replaced the arrogance I had before was kind of the kicker why I wanted to start this sport.

After that I watched countless videos on youtube about techniques and interviews about people who dedicated a huge part of their life to it and what they call the BJJ lifestyle and I wanted to have those skills and this mindset as well.

My lazy self and my ambitious self are clashing quite often but since the first "wtf is happening" choke I was kind of hooked.

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Very nice but i choose Taekwondo :P

nice. How long you have been training?

Two years and some months. I have the red belt.

BJJ is a great martial art system that emphasizes grappling. If you learned Muay Thai and become good at it, I think you can also become good at BJJ. And it's a great thing you got hooked at it when you felt the taste of it. You can do it! Nice share of experience bro.

Thank you :-)

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