Sport as glue for a better life

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If I do sports on a regular basis

  • I tend to sleep better

  • I am more active

  • I watch my diet

  • I am in a better mood

If I don`t do any sports I tend to do nothing of those things. But all of those things make me more productive which makes me even happier etc.

Sport gives me a pretty easy fix of the feeling of accomplishment, even if I done nothing else the rest of the day.

Everytime I did not go for a week or so and showed up a bit ashamed and the class is starting I ask myself

"Why da fuck did I not go for so long? This is the best ever!!"

So in a way doing sport regular is probably for me personal one of the most important things.

This does not even mean I have to visit class, the happiness light version is just doing some push ups and stretching at home.

A couple of years ago I was really into productivity, building habits, short all this self improvment stuff, while I still like it and when I read a book about it I feel inspired and motivated the best fix for me is still movement what glues all the other good habits together.

Did you notice something similar with yourself?

Need to go can guess where I am headed :-)

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I have always believe sport is life

I am with you on that

Yes, indeed. Without sports people can die earlier.. Hahaha...

Yes, indeed, I 100% agree sport as glue for a better life. Long term commitment is necessary.. Well I am getting lazy with sports with ever passing day... And I need to re-focus again... But my kids are getting more active with sport activities... By the way my kids love ❤ sportstalksocial! Best Regards!

It's all about determination and setting goals or what you want to achieve
I still do my daily workout and early morning joggings even though it's just for a short distance

pretty good

Yes, correct. I am a family person. And my sports revolve around what others in my family want.. And it changes all the time...

Yeah. I've really lost my motivation and routine as far as sporting activities are concerned. Last summer I was swimming in the pool each day and doing other stuff as well. Now there is no pool the rest has gone to shit too.

If i get a job he'll I'll find the gym, hopefully before it's too late!

push ups are for free though.

The sun was probably also helping a lot

True, and yes. Much better in the mirror with a tan :)

🤸‍♀ 🤸‍♂ is free too.. 😁

Every day on lunch i head to gym and do 3k and a few of the old situps and weights. Then in afternoon I feel great. I fit it into work schedule because I wouldnt do it at home. Its great for the old health. Physically and more especially mentally.

wow that is great.

How long you have been doing this for?

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I use to play basketball, tennis, some activities but hung my “jersey” more than a decade ago. I was getting injured to much with my old age 😂😂😂

well i think sports is going to be the best as all of our lives are now only closed in internet and stuff i still feel when we all used to be kids and play in gardens those times are never coming back

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so true