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Is running actually fun?

Since I am still one of those idiots poising themselves with their cigarettes running was never really high on my list of activities I enjoy a lot.

B25K 460.jpg


In the appartment building I life at the moment I have access to a pool, sauna and small gym and to my surprise I am using all of those things.

Like every good gym there are several running machines and they are actually the only thing I use in the gym so far.

  • Charge my phone
  • Put earplugs in
  • Put on some music
  • Run

Actually sounds perfect for an actifit post....

While I did a bit of sports the last months, running is a different beast for me as it takes all of my energy rather quickly and then a strange conversation starts to take place in my head.

"Just stop, no one has to know"

"Can`t stop now, you just got here!"

Those 2 sentences are having a boxing match in my head and I am pretty happy that so far I listened to voice number 2 only till they both get silent and my legs which were just seconds ago heavy as...something really heavy, become light and I feel like I am full of energy.


I think the cool kids call that runners high and I am starting to understand why people actually do this.

When I was a little flipstar I enjoyed jogging through the forest a lot and there were some attempts to rekindle that interest but no dice so far.

As I probably will cut my BJJ training for a while to save costs to be able to go to Steemfest 4 this might be a good alternative to not go into full supersize mode.

Also the sauna afterwards is a pretty nice reward.

And who knows this might be some extra motivation to quit smoking and find a healthier lifestyle.


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From @hertz300

Its nice to have an accessible gym and pool though. But what's nicer is that you were able to utilize it.

Is running actually fun?

Well in my personal perspective anything that you like should be fun. If you like running probably because it helped you in some ways (exercise, feel the nature, or sweating), then it should be a go.

I like running but with a bit of catch. Probably playing Basketball, Volleyball or Football. It involves a lot of running.

I will keep it up

All the cool kids run. Get into the zone, listen to your body, push yourself, and surprise yourself.

I want to be a cool kid as well

The first step is admitting that you want to be cool. The second step to being cool, is not trying to be cool, because tht's uncool.

Keep on running! it is the best you can do for you!

Will do:-)

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