A whale called Flipstar

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Finally I just dont look like a whale I can also vote like one

Well... at least on Sports Talk Social

"what you gonna do with all that power?"

Probably just continue my path as I did before.

"Can you please upvote me?"

If you have to ask, probably no

Can you downvote xyz?


Why Sports not Leo, Palnet or random name?

It is kind of motivation for me. I strongly believe your thought determine you actions and with that your life. Having sports on my mind just because I have a bigger stake here maybe sounds stupid but as long as it fulfills the purpose of me doing more I am happy.

The community is still very small and therefore a lot of room to grow and thrive. There are only 443 accounts staking at the moment. A couple of days ago it was 200 so there seems to be some interest.

So far the community has been very welcoming and it feels a bit as if I would have just discovered Steemit.

Also I see the SPORTS token as an investment. Very high risk but also the potential for very high rewards.

I ve put around 700 Steem into it. If I sell some dont be mad at good old Flipstar and know he is here to stay....maybe not as Flipstar but Flipstar.Sports or so as my VP is pretty down all the time at the moment through the double voting.

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You have just said it all

Excellent review @flipstar and I also see great potential in the Sportstalksocial, although there is always a risk!

we will see if it was smart or dumb

Congtats on the whale status, and if sports ain't mainstream then I don't know what is. Sportstalksocial has so much potential.

You are right.

The way to get here is not mainstream friendly though but this can be resolved somehow in the future I guess

I may have to do something similar and create another account as my VP can't handle everything I need to do. Downvotes look as though they need to happen to help police this place unfortunately as there are some dodgy things going on and we need to protect the site from abuse. I will be here if required as I am also looking long term. I am glad you are here.

Thank you :-) Glad to be here.

As you know yesterday was downvote day and probably today as well.

The rewards seem insane atm and probably this is one reason why so much questionable stuff is going on.

First of all congratulations on becoming a whale. It's also great to see that you actually care about this platform and you are looking at things long term.

Will give my best

So much is now happening on the Steem blockchain it is hard to keep up with it all....

I gave up doing that :-)

Too much going on atm

Good Read, just staked mine as well. no money to invest but will continue staking

good choice

You are absolutely right. All human thoughts always give birth to their actions.
It's only left to one to decide how the actions are taken....

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true that


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How many SPORTS are needed to be a sporty whale?
I think sportstalk has a lot of potential.

Saludos desde @caacupe

I think 100k+ but tbh I dont really know :-)

Congratz first moby ;)
I like it that everybody with power support another topic.
But rapthurday you will still do...? ;)))
Or are you to big now...:P
Have a good weekend

I will still do rapthursday but not every week probably....so the same as now.

Never too big for rapthursday :-)

great power, great responsibility ... being a whale is fundamental because it helps the community to believe in the value of the project called Sportstalk Social. Reading your post I deduce you have come in here to stay and this makes me happy. every community needs guidance ... I hope that together with other whales you can better manage the platform and make the right decisions. good luck!

I downvoted a lot yesterday and will continue doing so. I probably will make a post today about it.

As I see it the abuse is an attack on mine and therefore on everyones investment of steem and time here


Upvotes optional, Downvotes looking like being essential.

It's a reasonable investment to make, and hopefully we have some larger accounts now willing to keep the place in order so we can grow the right way.

I thinks looking at least ok. As I know you care as well and have a big stake here, too.

I care too much at times, hopefully I'll still get some rest and not wake up with nightmares!

know that feeling :-)

know that feeling :-)

You always wanted to be a whale and you have finally chased that dream time to keep up one by one :D congratulations its just a start time to surpass every limit

we will see what the future holds :-)

we will see what the future holds :-)

A Whale of the Sea, great news @flipstar. Powerfull like a Seamonster

Feels good :-)

I like writing about sport anyway so it will be a hobby while earning some tokens on the side. This new steem tribe thinh is brilliant .


Love it!!
(and very well written)

thank you:-)

You have hit the nail on the head. NICE Approach!

thank you

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Good work. What do you blog about on SPORTS besides SPORTS?

Only Sports and about the Sports tribe

Only Sports and about the Sports tribe