Thailand is still nice and 300k SPORTS staked

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Imagine a Flipstar jogging here.

You cant?

I cant blame you because it did not happen yet as I was busy taking pictures but it will...someday.

Against my common sense I bought more SPORTS tokens and staked them as well...

Which brings me up to 300k.

This will help me to police the place better and hopefully takes a bit of selling pressure of the market.

But tbh I have very mixed feelings about it and think if some abusers dump aggressively the buy orders are thin.

This is of course true for the bigger accounts as well.

But there is a lot of good happening which was the trigger for me buying again.

Mod accounts downvoting shit posts and self voted comments is a really really good and needed thing.

It is kind of frustrating "wasting" your voting power on downvotes while everyone else is making bank.

I know that is exaggerated as many joined the cause but it still felt like this.

If everything goes well with my visa, I will be going to BJJ again and really looking forward to it as well as being able to make some "real" sports posts again.

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The future is bright for sportstalk tribe

It’s like you have the whole place to yourself and it looks so peaceful why bother jogging lol

I’m also planning to up my sports stake I just read they will also be launching coin burn like Leo so we’re getting these tokens at a premium now

I’d also like to eventually delegate to moderation projects on sports and once we have category specific curation projects I think it will be a lot more fun not that I don’t enjoy using the site now

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exactly :-)

I have been there now a bit over a week and there is a lot of good and a lot of bad but I think the good will take over and "win".

As curation rewards are higher than on Steemit there is not this much pressure to make a post which is nice.

Geil Nai Harn oder? Da hab ich im neusten Post sogar ein Surfbild von drin. Ein wenig sports hab ich mir auch mal gegönnt. Noch mehr holen?! hmm

big risk big reward...or big stupid :-)

Ja ist Nai Harn

hab noch 100 steem...hmmm. Über sport hätte ich auch genug zu erzählen. Ich warte mal noch bisschen ab

Congrats on reaching that milestone! Good to see that those wanting to create high quality to reach whale status! It can only be good news for those favoring quality over quantity!

It looks quite pleasant place to visit.

Whoa! You got ahuge stake :o NICE

Great stufff @flipstar - I staked also some but have not that many "liquid" for more.

that place seems a very very cool place by the photo

300 K calls for a vacation for sure many congratulations now you have a important role in making sportstalk great again :D

Congrats on your huge stake bro!

I feel so bad for missing out on some very very cheap SPORT yesterday :/ Bu still in hopes to reach +100K by the next week!

Very beautiful photo @flipstar and I congratulate you on your achievement in 300K, you are on the right track, well done!

Don't know should I say amazing for the pik or the stack of 300k but either way those were some nice catch. Not only in S.Talk but have been seeing this in almost all tribes, where tags are being misused and some are talking the benefit (in the wrong way) instead of helping others grow.

Glad to see some are thinking a little different !!

Great post mate! I have lived in Thailand for 10 years now and love it!
As for the abuse, I haven't seen a community come together like this to stop abuse in all my time on Steemit and I believe the other tribes have similar schemes too. It's brilliant to see people taking responsibility. This is the real joy of smaller tribes that they can organise themselves better to stamp this out before it takes hold.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend and best wishes :-)

nice. where you live? I am here now for a bit over 2 years. I choose Phuket.

Yes it is great to see that people get so involved. I know there is a lot going on, on Steemit as well fe Steemcleaners but as the community is pretty small still you can follow it more easy and feel more involved I feel

congratulations for your 300k, I saw that many are moving against abuse! I read that they are trying to burn some sports tokens, I think it's a great idea! I have an idea to help burn token but I don't know who to contact, can you help me?

I would contact @patrickulrich.

I did not know about the plan to burn tokens but seems like a good idea

I will make a post hoping that someone will contact me, I hope that a Discord server will arrive soon where we can discuss the various projects! Thank you for your answer

of course.

i love thiland it is most beautiful one place on earth..

the picture looks like a postcard, if it weren't for the finger at the bottom left 😂 good holiday

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yeah....stupid fingers.


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