The art of trash talk

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I don`t follow this many kinds of sports.

Actually only MMA and this also not too much.

So if I say no other sport comes to mind where trash talk is this big take it with a grain of salt.

The press conferences in combat sports can be boring but also quite hilarious if you have a good trash talker like
Conor McGregor or Chael Sonnen.



On the other hand you can get a month long dosis of second hand embarrassment if it goes wrong.

Trash talk is selling tickets for the pay per view and the live event.

People love a good rivalry. Just think about Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier and Chuck Lidell and again Tito Ortiz.

Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock were the first rivals I can remember and it was fun, watching the bad blood evolve between those guys.

Also a good example for trash talk going wrong

Some people like it, some people hate it as it can feel a bit like wrestling. I like it though :-)

By far not every fighter is trash talking.

George St. Pierre for example was always pretty respectful towards his opponents and even a McGregor shows respect to his opponent after the fight --- but his talk is selling tickets.

Even his attack on the bus Khabib was sitting in could be seen as creating hype around the coming fight.

The UFC has evolved from it`s early days were MMA was seen as a bloodsport and also promoted as one, to the leader of one of the fastest growing sports we have today and I am sure trash talk was a part of it to bring MMA to the masses.

Who can forget classics like that

Do you enjoy a good trash talker?

Is there a sport with more trash talk than combat sports?

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I think Connor is really good at it, I really like his douche bag moves :)

it is entertaining for sure

I enjoy the trash talk, but don't enjoy it when someone gets a fight they do not deserve based almost solely upon this. Chael Sonnen was a master of this and bypassed many fighters that were many places ahead of him in the rankings because of it in order to get an express lane to Anderson Silva.

true. But to his credit it was a pretty good fight.

I would also say Conor did the same. If you are able to create this much hype around you, you sell tickets

Yep, puts the non Native English speakers at a distinct disadvantage for that... but then again, since most of the money made is in the Native English speaking countries, i suppose it might be fair to do that

Am not so conversant with this kind of sport. Pardon me.

Trash talking is seen as pretty unprofessional in most sports but it seems that when the sport involves beating the shit out of your opposition then it's all good :D

brings sells and maybe it is good if your opponent is angry...problem is he can hit you back

brings sells and maybe it is good if your opponent is angry...problem is he can hit you back

I think trash talking is also a skill. Haha!
If someone is a trash talker and his/her opponent has a weak mental fortitude, then they might create some mistakes during the fight because of impatience which later on benefit the trash talker. McGregor is one of the masters of such art. XD

it is for sure as it sells you better as a fighter.

I am sure some fighters cant just put it behind them and the trash talk gets under their skin

it is for sure as it sells you better as a fighter.

I am sure some fighters cant just put it behind them and the trash talk gets under their skin

People sure love drama 😂😂

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Don`t we all? :-)

I love it, I am into people just smashing each other and specialize in posts of women doing it cause it's! Smack talk is always happening in Crypto too so there isn't much difference since it's people trying to fight over shitcoins half the time.
"nice post"

hahahaah yeah that is true

"My coin is better than yours"

I loved McGreggor's trash talk.

Back when he could back it up with a win every time. And he could even predict the round he would finish his opponent.

It was the perfect trifecta trash talk/prediction/win.

true that.

true that.

"We are not here to take part, we are here to take over"

Ahh MMA trash talk is interesting because you get to kick the person in the face after.

Nate and Nick are prolly my favorite trash talkers because I find a certain honesty in their delivery.

Jorge Mosvidal made me laugh recently with his “3 piece and a soda” comment and actions lol

Mine too I think. "Playing touch butt with the dork in the park" is just too good.

Nate Diaz has some pretty great trash talking moments.
That whole "I DGAF!" attitude sells tickets.

I love it. :)

same here :-)

Chael P Sonnen is the GOAT, very classy and crazy how people are so quick to forget that Chael is the only guy to secure a single leg on the Eiffel Tower. That really happened! :)



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Thx. Makes me a happy flipstar

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