The grind

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I have learned the term "grind" from poker.

A grinder is someone who puts countless hours in his craft.
In poker that means you learn a lot and you then you grind out countless hours at the tables.

Usually winrates are small in poker so you make money through volume.

You achieve this through playing multiple tables at once and of course putting in the time.

You show up like a pro even if you don`t feel like it.

While it seems my poker grinding days are over I still admire the grinders.

Not only the ones playing a card game for money but also in other areas like BJJ.

Here you can also grind. You dont feel like going and you still go and grind it out.

Today was such a day...

I did not feel like training at all but somehow I still a pro.

I wish I could tell you it was a great session and I had learned a lot...but this would be a lie as even when I showed up I was more or less just there.

We did Triangles again which I actually liked but somehow I could not really get into it today.

I did 2 rounds of sparring which went not great :-) but somehow I got through.

Even it was really not a good session today I am somewhat proud I showed up.



At the moment I wish this would be my mindset but I have to grind a bit more to get it.

I believe a good mindset is "earned" through your actions and at the moment I need to pay more focus on my actions.

You might recall that I hurt myself and within in this time I let myself go quite a bit.

Momentum is pretty important for me as it pushes me through my natural laziness.



A lot of motivational slogans help a lot ;-)

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It’s interesting, some people just have the stamina and determination to just grind the shit out of things. I’m similar to you, I guess, I have to push myself. I think habits is the most important thing.

“We are what we repeatedly do,” Will Durant observed in summarizing Aristotle, and I think it’s a good point. They say there is a 21 day rule to really create a habit, I guess for me drinking is usually what breaks the pattern.
Enough with one hang over from weekend drinking and I’m back to square one hehe .

Afaik it is hard for them as well sometimes but they are so used to it and have so much momentum going they can push through it and make it look easy.

I fully agree with you on the habits and that the weekend is a pitfall for building good ones.

I ve started with tiny habits fe I do 1 push up after I brushed my teeth, a habit I have already integrated and dont need any willpower to follow. The tiny habit is so easy that I dont have any resistance doing it.
After this tiny habit is easy for me I increase it to 5 push ups or so...still super easy as I am used to the 1 already.
Helped me a lot while I was activily builing new habits and some of them stick till today

This is a damn good strategy actually ! I will try something like that. In the end it’s impossible to not have time to do one push up everyday. If you can’t do that I guess you’d have to be professional at making excuses. I think I will try this method !

works well

Man, all this talk about BJJ makes me want to try it. It’s funny because my twin brother owns a UFC gym for 6 years in Vegas and I’m a big fan of UFC for over 20+ years and I don’t do it 😂😂😂

I did roll with my nephews 10 years ago with no experience and sprained my knee in 20 seconds and never did it again. He won grapplers quest in his weight class at 17. I don’t want to hurt myself anymore hahaha

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Understandable but also some great learning opportunities "wasted".

Your family seems to be doing pretty well in the martial arts world

its the time to grind to shine !!!

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