Getting A PhD For Sports

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Cheryl started sprint kayaking when she was in Junior College. She was still training on her own then and she was hoping to make it into the National Team.

When Nanyang Technological University started the Sports Science and Management programme in 2009, she found out that she could actually embark in a research in spring kayaking.

She has a passion for sports and it can be challenging to pursue her sport passion at a higher level while trying to complete her PhD.

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Cheryl shared that the support of everyone coming together to make sports meaningful had made the journey easier.

She was fortunate to be able to pursue her passion in sports and she wanted to make a contribution in her area of research for the Sport community of spring kayaking.

There were many athletes who had given up their sports dream because of obstacles but we can live a life of no regrets when one chooses to pursue wholeheartedly.

Her sharing and reflection are inspiring for anyone who has a passion for sports.

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