Anthony Joshua Will Right His Wrongs On Saturday In Saudi Arabia

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Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz are getting ready for the rematch which is set to take place on Saturday. It is going to be a clash on the Dunes in Saudi Arabia.

Joshua will try much as possible to repair his reputation by flooring Andy Ruiz on Saturday.

“It’s about how you come back. I have a different challenge in my head. When you’ve walked the road once, you can do it again.”​

“I am looking at myself in the mirror and saying I know I’m better than that [losing last time round]. Andy is still the same person. He will come game and I’ve got to change some of my bits and bobs.” Anthony Joshua said.

Anthony Joshua has only been defeated once out of 23 fights, he won 22 fights and 21 of the fights have been by Knock Out.

Andy Ruiz said he will prove his worth by beating Anthony Joshua again like he did in New York.

“I’m confident about the rematch, but I don’t underestimate any fighter. I know AJ’s going to come stronger and more focused but inside the gym, like Mike Tyson says, everyone has a plan until they get hit.”

“I’m sure everybody was trying to look for an excuse and reason why he didn’t perform and why he lost. I think it was down to the style. Styles make fights and I’ve been calling AJ out for a while. I knew his style was perfect for me and that’s why I plan to do the same thing.” Andy Ruiz said

Andy Ruiz has fought 34 fights and he won 33. 22 of the wins have been by Knock Out.

Will Anthony Joshua reclaim the title from Andy Ruiz????

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The fight is the rematch everyone has been talking about, the outcome is unknown but one thing that is certain is that the cash flow from it will be huge and all involved will walk away smiling. A previously unknown like Ruiz has made a name for himself which he will defend to the end, although I think Joshua might just be lucky enough to win I also think Ruiz will make him fight for every point