Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaraon Hernandez - on Netflix

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First off, I don't know how I managed to not know about this when it was happening. I suppose I can chalk that up to the fact that at that time in my life, I was cut off from pretty much all western media and also was not really following the NFL. Anyway, it just became available on Netflix on the 15th of January.


This 3-part miniseries is all about Aaraon Hernandez, a person who was famous for some pretty horrible reasons but was a successful NFL player who had just landed a hefty $40 million contract with one of the most prestigious football franchises of all time, The New England Patriots.

He seemed to be on top of the world: There was almost nothing he couldn't purchase, he was extremely good at his job and was paid handsomely for it. He was also a very good-looking person and was one of the youngest NFL stars of all time. Then he murders someone during the peak of his career.


The series is just the right length, doesn't drag on and I feel as though all the information that is presented is done so in a concise but not excessive manner. Basically, there is very little filler and all that they focus on is important to the overall story.

I also don't think it is necessary for anyone to be a fan of the sport in order to enjoy this. I feel as though if you don't know anything about the guy (as was the situation with me) it can actually be much more enjoyable.


Normally with shows like this I will watch one episode and then get scared off by the fact that the next episode is gonna be another hour of my life and I turn it off and likely forget I was ever watching it. That was no the case here: It keeps moving and has plenty of footage from the actual courtroom drama and recorded prison phone calls that it stays exciting the entire way through and therefore I binge watched the entire thing in one sitting.

from the Rotten Tomatoes official channel

Even though the trial has been over for many years, there are still a lot of unanswered questions including what Aaron's motivation to commit the crime was in the first place. This is something they speculate about extensively in the series, and they present a number of possible scenarios.

Aaron went to his grave still claiming his innocence but it is kind of hard to argue with the evidence. If you like true crime drama this is one of the better mini-series of that sort that I have seen in the past year.

My overall rating!



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Did they mention in it about his families donation? That was one of the biggest talking points of the story when it first came out. Not the murder of course, but everything that happened after the fact. I remember when all of this was happening. It was a pretty big deal over here. I can understand why it was more inaccessible to you. My wife and I just added this to our list and we are probably going to watch it once we finish the second half of Breaking Bad. There is also another documentary on the cable network 'ID' about Hernandez right now.

they mentioned a lot of things that happened after the arrest but I don't recall anything about a family donation. They did touch base on how his behavior as early as college was something that should have set off alarms but it was covered up by Florida because he was such a good player.

You and the wife follow football real closely so I think this one could be a real winner for ya! Who knows, you might end up learning something even though you already know the story.

I am pretty sure the family donated his brain to science so they could study the impact concussions have on players. If I recall correctly he had some of the worse damage they have ever seen and there is speculation it changed his brain chemistry which might have caused some of the behavior.

yes, that is mentioned in the doco towards the end and it showcases the people involved in the process. It was a rather novel discovery because it was the most damage that had ever been seen in someone so young.

Will take a look as I am working my way through the new stuff and didn't pay much attention to this one I must admit. Watched the Ottomans last night from start to finish and was enjoyable.

Netflix has been churning out quite a few well produced videos and lately, so has Apple and YouTube as they get in on the money.

Hernandez was an unstable powder keg in danger of exploding...and it did

I forgot about that whole mess.. (just shows you that there is entirely too many wack things going on in the world, one after another) didn't know they made a series out of it. I suppose living under a rock doesn't help matters. I'm not sure I have any interest in watching it when I know that I'll be left hanging at the end. Why why why!!! "I'm drowning here, and your describing the water.." haha. Just thought I throw in a Melvin Udall quote for fun!

I was chuckling out loud at that end photo.. YIp yip yip yip.. Another something I forgot about. You love reminding me of these things, don't you?! Good old Sesame Street Martians.

Oh.. If you get a chance, check out my recent post.. I actually did something adventurous for a change. I think I was telling you, sometime before holidays, about going. Well I went this past weekend for my birthday. I had an awesome time!!

See ya around!! Tell Nadi hi!