McGregor has my respect now

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I have been quite vocal in the past about how I didn't much care for Conor McGregor's rise to the top and really did like how he handled being on the top even more (less?), basically I was always rooting for whoever he was against because of his microphone antics, and that includes his recent fight with "Cowboy" Cerrone.

However, some things have happened in the past 30 days that might just turn me around.


For one thing, when McGregor took this fight he stepped away from his usual verbal assault on whoever his opponent was that was what made me dislike him in the first place. His arrogance, whether deserved or not, was the reason why people like me cheered when Diaz and later Khabib defeated him in the octagon.

He didn't do any of this with Cerrone and I don't know if it was Conor's choice or something Dana White told him to do, but all of a sudden I was a lot more willing to accept him as a fighter, because he stepped away from his usual WWE type tactics.


During the weigh-ins, the pre-fight press conferences and even the promo events that involved Conor, he did something I've not really seen him do before: He treated his upcoming opponent with respect.

This is something I have never expected of the guy and what in my mind at least, was the main thing missing from his overall persona. Say what you will about his opponents in the past, but each and every one of these guys deserves respect for the level of athleticism that they have achieved.... which brings me to my next point.


Conor completely dismantled Cerrone from the moment the fight started. He touched gloves, returned to his corner, and came out with a strategy that completely worked. Donald Cerrone is no fluke... he is one of the most experienced fighters in the UFC and McGregor simply took him 40 seconds.

All of "Cowboy's" stats went out the window at that point, as his accomplishments seemed to be completely irrelevant in the face of a clearly superior opponent.

I would have liked to have seen the fight go longer, but if you have a look at Donald's face after the fight, you can see that he was badly hurt and Herb Dean did not make a mistake when he called that fight off when he did.

After the fight was stopped, Conor handled his post-fight interview with a grace and respect that I really do not expect of the man, and after hearing it all I walked away with a feeling of "Ok, maybe i can get on board with this guy!"

He didn't call out anyone in-particular, he praised Cowboy's past accomplishments and thanked the people that got him there. It was at that point that i realized that I have hated Conor this entire time completely because of his wild attitude and disrespect for other fighters. However, when he was able to totally win in a fight where I think his opponent only even threw one strike at him, and then acknowledge that effort that said opponent put forth to get there....well, that... for the first time since I have been watching Conor fighting, seemed like true class.


So now i can say for the very first time since the guy came onto the scene, that I am actually looking forward to his next fight. Well, that is if he can keep his demeanor respectful the way he has been for the past 6 months (I wonder if Dana had a stern talkin-to with him?)

I will be rooting for him in the future and am now at a crossroads about if I want him to destroy that stupid BMF belt and Masvidal, who currently holds it.

To be honest i would rather have Conor completely ignore that belt - because it is stupid and should have never been introduced, and instead go back and get one of the "real" belts instead. The problem is that the one everyone would like to see is currently held by Khabib and well, does Conor really want to lose again? Time will tell...


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@gooddream Hi mate, i respect your opinion about this fight but for me It wasnt a true heat. Cerrone was a dummy since he arrived. Just look at his face and eyes, the body expression ecc, he turned off the light before the match started. It's not now a menace like past years but he has reputation so It has been chosen for McGregor's come back. Maybe i misunderstood everything, i'm courios to see him against younger and more prepared fighters.

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Yeah i sometimes wonder the motivation to have him against Cerrone as well and since I like "Cowboy" i expected more of him. I do have to say one thing though, i have never seen someone do so much damage with a "shoulder thrust" . I fear that they are prepping McGregor for a fight with Masvidal, and would rather see Conor go for a real belt.

Conor addressed this briefly with Joe Rogan after the fight and I dont' remember exactly what he said but something along the lines of a "stupid, made up belt"

Yeah, i would like to see McGregor VS Masvidal. I hope for a longer match !

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I watched a recap of the fight and I was really surprised at how it all went down as well. Even during the weigh in he seemed really respectful. That kick to the head was what sealed it for sure. I was also impressed that after the fight Connor went over to him and talked to him while he was still down on the mat. Is it just a matter of Connor actually liking this guy more than the others? If it is an opponent he isn't cordial with will it be back to the same antics? I guess time will tell...

What happened to him as that is not like him at all to be respectful. I thought he was a prized knob head and will wait and see if he reverts back to being one at some point.

yeah, it is a big part of his personality and a major reason why he climbed to fame so quickly.

I bet he reverts, but perhaps not in a throwing trollies at buses type fashion or punching old men at pubs that don't want to drink his whiskey.

I agree with you and I remember in our last conversation about him that we talked about that it's maybe time for him to finally grow up and it looks like he did (For now, things can change quick :D ) - I also loved the big hug and conversation after the fight with Cowboys Grandma. Good scenes! The fight what I would love to see next from Conor would be Diaz 3 - I think that would be the perfect matchup for both guys. Let's see :))

I do enjoy Diaz, but that would be a move in the wrong direction in my mind. Diaz brings out the worst in Conor because he is exactly the kind of fighter that is going to encourage McGregor to start acting like an A-hole again. Plus it wouldn't make sense seeing as how Diaz already lost to Masvidal (might be spelling that wrong.)

I'd like to see McGregor got and get some belts back, maybe stick to one division for a while. I don't want him to even acknowledge the existence of that stupid BMF belt.

Maybe it would be a good test to see if Conor really changed his A-Hole behavior :D - But I agree, he did look great at 170 and should stick to that division for some time. I remember how incredible unhealthy he looked at 155. So let it be Conor vs. Masvidal and after that the winner of the Khabib/Ferguson fight. Either way, exciting fights ahead for 2020 :)

Very interesting sir gooddream. I don't follow the UFC that closely but I still heard about McGregor's big mouth quite frequently so I hope he has had a change of heart. Maybe he's maturing? It would be interesting to know the cause of his change in conduct.

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