UFC Fight NIght 165 Predictions

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As the Pay-per-view events become more and more boring since I think that the belt-holders are far more interested in not losing than they are at actually winning, I tend to look forward to Fight Nights even more than the PPV's (which by the way are strangely and legally, free in Thailand.)

Tomorrow's event is going to be a winner and here is how I feel it is going to pan out.


I'm only going to cover the main card since otherwise this will be 1000 words long and no one will read it. I'm also not going to choose HOW they win because I'm not trying to win a prize here.

Doo Ho Choi vs. Charles Jourdain

Jourdain hasn't been around in UFC for very long and the only time I have actually seen him fight, he lost. I wasn't terribly impressed with his performance then and I feel as though Choi is a fantastic boxer that brings the heat and always goes for KO victories. I feel this one will finish quickly.

my prediction? Do Ho Choi

Da Un Jung vs. Mike Rodriguez

While I do think that Rodriguez is the tougher of the two here, Jung is much younger and has shown tremendous cardio conditioning that has won him fights in the past. The only thing that I think Rodriquez could do to win this thing is to get really lucky on a high-risk maneuver. Mike isn't exactly the most consistent fighter and I think this could be the last time we even see him on a major card if he delivers a poor performance.

My prediction? Jung wins

Jun Yong Park vs. Marc Barriault

I'll be honest and say that I don't know a great deal about either of these guys because they are quite boring fighters IMO. It's my understanding that neither one of them really make much of an impact in any fight they are involved in as neither one really deals much damage with their strikes nor do either of them tend to go for ground and pound or submissions. I suspect this is going to be the only snooze-fest of the evening and it will come down to a unanimous decision most likely because of stats rather than actual punishment.

My prediction? Park wins

Kyung Ho Kang vs. Liu Pingyuan

I think this might end up being the only one of the main card fights that spends a lot of time on the ground. "Mr Perfect" Park is a submission specialist and he has racked up 11 wins by doing precisely that. Pingyuan is perhaps a more balanced fighter but I think that Kang has the advantage if this goes to the ground, which i feel it almost certainly will.

My prediction? Kyung Ho Kang wins

Frankie Edgar vs. The Korean Zombie


In what is bound to be one of the most respectful main events of all time, Edgar and Zombie are two of the most soft-spoken men in all of UFC and I really don't want to see either of them lose.

I think that Edgar has more to lose in this fight, because he has been on a tumultuous path of losing more than winning lately and the featherweight division is absolutely packed with talent right now. Dropping 3 out of 5 would likely see Edgar get relegated to almost non-issue status, despite his higher ranking that I feel is largely based on his past rather than his present.

The Korean Zombie, win or lose, will always remain a favorite of Dana White because they need big Asian names anytime an event happens in Korea, Japan, etc and at the moment Zombie is the biggest name in Asian MMA.

Edgar is also a last-minute addition to the roster and he was actually in the process of training to move down to bantamweight when he got the call to be in this event just a few weeks ago. I don't know how much of an issue that is for a veteran like Edgar, but it certainly can't help.

I feel as though Zombie, because of his ability to withstand tremendous damage while dealing it out is going to have the upper hand from start to finish.

My prediction? Zombie Zombie Zombie

You might notice that I have chosen all of the locals for victories but that is based on me genuinely believing they are the better fighters. I don't think that it is much a secret that UFC "stacks the deck" in favor of the home crowd and I think that is what is happening here. They are trying to get a greater foothold in the lucrative Asian sports market, and you can't accomplish that by beating up their fighters.

How to you feel about my choices? Sorry it's so long but I really couldn't make it any shorter than that!


Not sure if I am able to watch it but tbh I would only be interested in the main fight and I join your Zombie chants

Got good time of day for us. 5pm main card start

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I don’t know any of the other local fighters so your rundown is insightful.

My last 2 Bjj losses over the last year or so have been to Asian guys coincidentally!

It would be nice to see the local guys win but it seems unlikely. Now I am looking forward to this card even more!

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This event should be really good. I hope you get a chance to watch it

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For sure.

I have to manage my schedule pretty tightly to properly fit in training, social stuff, television enjoying and family. Because we get together as a group from the BJJ academy, I get like 3 of the 4 at once and potentially 3.5 if my better half comes with me.

Zombie! Zombie!

I gotta go for my boy Koran Zombie!! Damn, I use to have one of his original shirts more than 10 year ago lol

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This seems like a very diverse fight card. Have more Asian athletes moved into the UFC system than in the past? Pretty cool if that is the case. I can just never remember so many fighters from countries like Korea, Japan, China, etc. Of course, I haven't really followed MMA for a long time. We went to Vegas several years ago for my brother in law's bachelor party and I was hoping we could get to one of the MMA events on the strip, but it just didn't work into our schedule. This is a nice overview of the main fights for this event.

To boost a sport you have to get the locals winning and this makes sense for marketing going forward. I am going to see if I can find this tournament and watch it. I love decent boxing and this is a little more violent but all good stuff.

Beautiful battle and today also there is a strong confrontation between Badr Harry and Rico Verhoeven

Hi there powerhouse friend , i did read the blog last night in Holland we had the best fight with Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari and it was short because Hari broke his ancle, see you around in the powerhouse
Greetings from britt

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