Arteta about Özil: Expect him to be injured

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Currently, Mesut Özil is more out of Arsenal's starting lineup than he is among manager Mikel Arteta's favorites. This happens despite the fact that the German playmaker is among the highest-paid in the Premier League, but the salary does not matter, says Arteta according to the Daily Express:

That salary is a deal made between the player and the club. Both parties agreed and the club was very happy to make this deal. The players get what they deserve in salary, so it's never something I question. Wages should not affect my sporting decisions.

I know Mesut Özil really well, as I have played with him at Arsenal myself and he has not changed much since he arrived at the club. He has established himself as a star in the league and so it is not easy to do for so many years.

About Arsenal's # 10 lack of playing time at the moment, Arteta says:

I expect players who don't play are hurt and disappointed. So I reckon he's not too happy for the time when he's not playing. But the other day he was injured again, so now we have to see how he recovered.

Tonight Arsenal will face Norwich and it remains unclear whether Özil will play ... due to a back injury.

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