City Start Off In Grand Style, As Fear Of Dominance Hovers

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Manchester City announced their appearance for the season in a spectacular style, as they cruised past Westham during their Saturday's Premier league opener which ended in a whooping 0-5 win in favour of The Citizens. The fun, goals and eye-catching moments of football we all have been waiting for have finally arrived and The Citizens are not leaving any stone unturned in keeping us glued to the screens.

Last season, Pep's side had to come from behind to topple Liverpool at the tail end of the season to lift the title for the second time in a row. The drama on who will win the league last season between Liverpool and City, left so much tension and uncertainty in the atmosphere. However, with the way both teams are kicking off this season, it seems what we witnessed last season is likely to play out again.

Liverpool started off with a comfortable 4-1 win on Friday over Norwich, a message from the European Champions indicating their readiness to claim the Premier league this season and of course stop Pep's side from winning the EPL for three consecutive times, that's unheard of, not in the Premier league!(I stand to be corrected).
Klopp's side appears the only side that can currently match City's Class in terms of contending for the title, and we don't not any seer to tell us what is about to go down this season between these two sides. For many years now, The English Premier league has been undoubtedly reputed for it's competitiveness and unpredictability, unlike other leagues like the Italian Seria A, French League 1, German Bundesliga and even the Spanish La liga.

In these leagues, one can easily pick or predict the two teams that will likely win the title or even one. It was never so in the English Premier league few years back. Most times, in the middle of the season, one could not even predict which team will finish top and lift the league. But with the arrival of Pep Guardiola and to an extent Klopp, that convention is fast changing.

The season has just started and from media reactions so far, one can see that Manchester City or Liverpool have been tipped as the possible Winner, isn't that unusual? With City going all the way to defend the title last season and even Clinched some other domestic trophies, there is a hovering fear that the former Barcelona Coach is going to dominate English football, thereby watering down the competitiveness and unpredictability that added placed the League above others.

Before Pep's arrival, his detractors have always brushed his capabilities aside and treated with disregard his feats during his days in Barcelona. Some football analysts have always opined that he was able to achieve his feats in La liga because of lack of competition in the league and players at his disposal. But it seems the Spaniard is here to disprove that notion, he is determined to prove his mettle and show that a good coach is a good coach, no matter the league.

He has the ability to improve players and make them appear legendary. Here he is without a Ronaldo or Messi in his squad, but the transformed "Raheem Sterlings" doing wonders at the Etihad. It's quite surprising that not so many see the likes of Chelsea, Tottenham or even Manchester United as possible contenders for the league title. The only antidote for Pep Guardiola's side is Liverpool, who seem the likely team to give the defending champions a run for their money in their title quest.

Whatever the case may be, this City team that is Propelled by the genius of Pep Guardiola remains a big threat to the awesomeness of English football. If they are allowed to go ahead and win the League for the third consecutive times, then Pep must have done the unthinkable!

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