How Did Gareth Bale Fall This Low, Will He Ever Rise Again?


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Life is full of dynamism and most times, we can't control how these events happen. The unpredictable nature of our existence is just what makes us what we're, "humans!" Today we are up there, tomorrow we may not be anywhere close to our peak and vise versa.

These fluctuations happen almost in every facet of our life endeavours. We may run into luck or get hit by unforseen contingencies, we should never think we are above these shakeups.
The chronicles of Gareth Bale's football career is that which never ceases to amaze me, and anytime I give it a thought, I just realise that sometimes it's better to earn less and remain where your impact will be more appreciated or where you're already a king. A place where your heroics will not be easily forgotten when vicissitudes comes knocking on your door. What goes around comes around and Life may never move the way we've planned.

Gareth Bale's last few seasons in Tottenham Hotspur saw the Welshman rise in profile both in Spurs shirt and Wales. He became one of the most tormenting attackers in the English Premier League and his presence alone in the squad was something to be worried about. He hit top form and started attracting huge attention from the media. His fan base grew in numbers and he almost always stepped up to fire Spurs to victory when it mattered the most.

Real Madrid Came Knocking

Of course, it's been the dream of many young players to play at topmost level of the game, share or rub shoulders team with the best players in the world and also win trophies to add to their cabinet. It's very tempting or almost impossible for players to resist a transfer offer from big clubs Like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, especially the first two Spanish clubs.

They're no doubt the best in the world and their dominance of European football in the past decade speaks volumes. Los Blancos had spotted how dreaded Bale will be in the Madrid squad, especially with Ronaldo and Benzema still there to boost the attack. It was a front line that was envisaged to give Barcelona a run for their money and for Madrid to strengthen the Squad in their European quest.

It was also Madrid's mission to get someone that would be able to step into Christiano Ronaldo's shoes as age comes knocking on the doors of the Portuguese captain. However, with Ronaldo still at the peak of his game, Gareth Bale's efforts were mostly gone unnoticed, despite stepping up to score important goals for the Spanish giants when it mattered the most. Ronaldo was still the King and he continued to overshadow Bale, especially because the team seem more interested to always find Ronaldo and help him score.

However, as weeks turn to months and months turn to years, the former Tottenham Hotspur star man has dwindled in form, confidence and dread. And with the intermittent injuries that continues to plague his career at the Santiago Bernabeu, Bale has gone from an envisaged future successor of Christiano Ronaldo to a semi Bench warmer. His place in the first team is no more guaranteed and is now being consider as a surplus player by most Madrid Coaches.

Zidane Hits Bale Hard Again

With the Welshman's inability to impress and justify the jumbo fee expended by Madrid to bring him to the Bernabeu, Madrid's incumbent coach Zinedine Zidane have minced no words in making his posture towards the former Tottenham Hotspur Star man known to the public. Even in Scaloni's era, Bale wasn't able to fight himself into the team and the French manager has come out openly to tell the Welshman to find some other club as he won't be needing him in his squad. It's a comment that have sparked lots of reactions from both fans and sports analysts across the world, and it makes me wonder how the once might Gareth Bale fell this low.

The transfer window has been open and no big team has come to make enquiries of possible transfer for Gareth Bale after Madrid have held him out for sale. Now, that's not bad enough for Bale. There is current rumours that Madrid are making arrangements for him to head to China on a free transfer, just to dispose of the Welshman from the star studded Madrid squad. The last straw that broke the camels's back is the latest comment by the Los Blancos coach Zinedine Zidane, who said it would "best for everyone" if the Wales international left "soon" on Sunday.

It's really sad that Bale has fallen this far and the possible of him finding himself back into his career is not likely. What's your take, you think Bale will bounce back?

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