I Don't Think Liverpool Are Ready For The Upcoming Season

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The preseason games and their funny results have continue to leave many with doubts as regards the readiness of some top teams ahead of the season which will kickoff in no distant time. The Current European Champions Liverpool have stayed at the top of the chart for some time now and have undoubtedly become a force to reckon with in Europe football, especially under the current dispensation of Jurgen Klopp as the team manager. The team almost won both the UEFA Champions league and the English Premier League, if not for the resilience of Pep Guardiolar's Manchester City.
The Citizens toppled the Warriors from Anfield at the tail end of the season to secure the English Premier League for the second season in a row, a feat they had to work for till the games were over, and even though they ended up clinching the title, they had to go through the eye of a needle. No one will win the Premier league on a rollercoaster ride, not to talk of when you have the current Liverpool squad as a contender. Klopp's led team struck fear in European football last season after they staged a historic comeback against Barcelona at the Semi Finals of the Champions league, and will later go ahead to win the trophy after many years of waiting for a big silverware.

With teams warming up ahead of the season and trying to fortify their squad ahead of the challenge, some teams appear not too ready for the commencement of season. Yeah, there is this notion by many that the preseason results rarely counts and most times these assertions are true. However, it doesn't sweep under the carpet the fact that a team which goes into the season after an impressive preseason tour, have got some level of motivation and morale to strengthen them. Also, a team that didn't perform well may have to struggle a bit before finding their stamina when the real games come knocking.

If there is something Liverpool must be conscious of as they head into the season, it's the fact that every other team wants to enjoy the glory that comes with beating a champion, not just a league champion but the European Champions. These other teams will be playing with extra motivation, blended in their drive to bring down the best team. Also, Klopp is not unaware of the task awaiting him in the Premier league, as they appear to be the only team for now that can give Manchester City a run for their money. With the mission to overthrow City as the League champions, the team cannot afford to slack or show any sign of complacency, not even in preseason games.

I've been following their performance thus far in this preseason tour and I think I Can't suppress my doubts vis-à-vis their readiness for the coming season. On Sunday, Jurgen Klopp's side was subdued by Napoli in a game that saw the European Champions defeated 3-0 at the popular Murrayfield Stadium. While the fans are happy to see their champions in action after a little break, they will also have some little stuffs to worry about ahead of the season that will be starting in few days time. The team appeared far below their standards from the defense to the attack, and showed no convincing penetrative play upfront.

Yeah, we can always give the excuses that the likes of Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mane and Even Firmino are yet to arrive and join the squad. Maybe they could have change the statistics or influence the outcome of the results. However, it's a cogent reason for me. When a team like Liverpool plays four friendly games without a win and three defeats, there is certainly something to worry about. They have conceded 11 goals already in their six preseason matches so far(I stand to be corrected), and that only points to one direction, lapses in the team. Many football analysts are advancing the opinion that complacency could come hunting for Liverpool if they don't mend their cracks before heading into the season.

Sunday game could seen Liverpool concede beyond three goals if the Italian side were as clinical as they ought to have been. Napoli showed great dominance against the European Champions and perhaps brought to the fore some slight cracks of the team. So far so good, Klopp hasn't seen any convincing reason to bother himself with the frenzy of the transfer market, but results like this could be a handwriting the wall to strengthen the squad if need be. But there is something I admire so much about Klopp, he is a tactician and he calculates his moves judiciously. Maybe the tides will swing back to normal when the squad is fully back, but till then, my doubts for Liverpool readiness subsists.

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