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Sen. Manny Pacquiao is a well-known humble boxing champion from the day he fought against the Mexican fighters and until now. He was of his rapid punches and unexpected power punches.

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Today, We will witness the Old man Pacman against the young man Keith Thurman. I know he will give the taste of his Bloody punches to loud man Thurman.


Here in the Philippines. Every Pacman's fight:

1.) The people will just watch his fight instead they work.

2.) Only few vehicles you will see in the roads. because the transportation drivers are watching his fight.

3.) Many people got drunk.

4.) Most of his game can cause heart attack. Every fights, there will be one or two is probably gonna die. This is sad but this is true.


I really like him. He is the best boxer in the world!!!

and a good politician at the same time