Building a bonfire

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Token burning is good for the price and scarcity of a token, and SPORTS has plenty of tokens flying around. So, I want to start a bonfire.

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So, you got any matches?

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A great idea! I should try it later!

Cheers, just an easy little thing to help the price out. Will probably do it weekly.

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Excellent well done as I have been thinking sportstalk really need to start generating some value to this token. And this is a start in that direction even if we have to do it ourselves.👍

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The official sportstalk accounts will be burning their payouts, this is just a little something extra to help out.

Yes I remember now you mention it. Anyway good to burn more and I hope they come up with some more ways to burn the tokens.

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SPORTS has so much tokens. So, @sportstalksocial has started a token burn too. The publications promoted in sportstalk that are paid with SPORTS will be ELIMINATED to @null, and other new methods that Sportstalk has initiated. It is amazing and extremely healthy for this system. Excellent your initiative!

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I know for sure that token burn helps price to soar, but a single person helping the community to bring more value to a token price? Waoh, that's way cooler than I thought.


Great. The future is bright

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