MLB gets weirder and weirder!

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Remember the Angels' no hitter against the Mariners like a week ago? Well guess what, the Mariners are getting revenge tonight as they have a PERFECT game going against the Angels with only the ninth inning left. What's even more weird is the person getting the perfect game is the same one who got batted around by the Angels' last week. Mike Leake didn't even last one inning in that game and let in 7 earned runs. Baseball is hella weird! Watch that game if you can! Only one inning left for the Mariners to make history.


Mike Leake's record is 7-8 with a 4.60 ERA so far this season. Mariners are 3 outs from a perfect game. Angels have zero hits. Mariners have zero errors. Mike Leake has given up zero walks. Even Mike Trout can't get anything going in this game for the Angels! Top of the 9th coming up, last chance for Angels to get a hit.

Damn it, Angels' Rengifo just got a hit and ruined the perfect game in the 9th!