My pick for UFC's Covington vs Lawler

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MMA record keeping started on: Mar 2, 2019
Total units risked so far (always flat 1 unit): 26
Total units won or loss so far: -3.326 units
Current record and negative ROI: (15-11), -12.79%

Fight starts in about 45 minutes so I have to get this pick in quick.

Colby Covington (1.36) vs Robbie Lawler (3.38)

Lawler has good takedown defense but Covington's wrestling is still good enough that he can overcome that I think. If he can't then it's going to be a long night for Covington because Lawler's a beast on the feet. My thinking is that Covington's threat of a takedown is enough to mess with Lawler's head (defense wise) and Covington can pressure enough on the feet (he has decent stand up) to eventually get a decision win.

My pick is the Colby Covington moneyline.