Results of my fight picks for Saturday

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MMA record keeping started on: Mar 2, 2019
Total units risked so far (always flat 1 unit): 25
Total units won or loss so far: -2.326 units
Current record and negative ROI: (15-10), -9.304%

I was hoping to finally hit break even tonight but instead I just got one pick right and the other wrong so I'll have to wait for the next fight night to try to break even.


I picked undefeated Keith Thurman but instead Manny (at 40 years old) won the fight pretty easily IMO despite the weird split decision caused by one judge picking Thurman. Not sure what that was about. Manny is now the WBA (Super) welterweight title holder. I thought he would retire years ago but with this win, his legacy grows. I'm not sure how much longer he can defy father time though...



I picked Leon Edwards in a close fight but he actually won it pretty easily with Edwards winning the standup and the occasional ground battles across the 5 rounds. Judges scored it unanimously for Edwards.