Pulisic Shines: Chelsea Roll Watford in Steady Away Win

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Chelsea - Christian Pulisic - Premier League Results - Watford


Yes, it was a simple tap in. A foot from goal, Pulisic notches is 4th in two league matches in the 55th minute away to Watford. But it wasn’t the goal that was most impressive from Pulsic, it was his overall team performance to carry the Blues to victory on the night, showing the youngster can rise to the occasion when need most.

It’s of course, too soon to make any real grandiose statements about how Pulsic’s first season in the Prem will eventually shake out, but we’re over a third of the way through, and if we’re going by early numbers, Pulisic has not only risen to the occasion at Chelsea, be he is arguably one of the League’s most deadly wingers at the moment.

4 Goals, 2 Assists in 5 league appearances. That’s one of the most productive attackers in the Prem right now. Producing results both on and off the ball, Pulisic is absolutely grooving in London.

The Abraham & Pulsic Connection


The real story, for me at least, is the mutual beneficial relationship that has emerged between Abraham and Pulsic. The two of them have found a fruitful relationship on the pitch, scoring goals and getting assist off one another.

Tammy becomes more prolific when Pulisic is on the field. You can see in their celebrations together that they are forging a special on-pitch relationship.

On the night, Abraham tallied both a goal and the assist to Pulsic. Previous weeks, Pulisic got his assists off Abraham and Batshuayi goals. Speaking of Tammy, he was prolific on the night. For me, easily the Man of the Match with how effective he was.

Watford’s Long Winter Ahead


The Hornets find themselves cemented to the bottom of the table. They were gave a softy-soft penalty in the 80th against Chelsea, bringing it within one, but it was a wasted opportunity because they were just as ineffective after the PK as they were before.

This Halloween weekend, Flores as seen his worst nightmares become reality. It’s highly doubtful he will see another holiday while in charge of the club. For the team in general, it’s going to be a long, cold, dark winter, as they will try to claw themselves back into safety.

But still without a win after 11 weeks, it’s not looking good for the yellow and black.

What’s Ahead for Chelsea

Ajax 11/5 – Midweek they’ll host Ajax in Champions League. Having won the reverse fixture, they’ll look to do the same again at Stamford Bridge. They’re currently topping Group H with 2 wins and 1 draw. They may not win on Tuesday, but I don’t see them losing either. Draw or win will be expected.

Crystal Palace 11/9 – CP aren’t playing terrible this year, sitting midtable. Previously, they were able to get a big 2-2 away draw against Arsenal. Palace’s hardnose defense with certainly give Chelsea troubles. To get on three points here, Chelsea will have to earn it point by point.

@ Manchester City 11/23 - Eventually, Chelsea will travel to the Eithad to take on City, but we are weeks away from that. It will certainly be a heard fought heavyweight bought, but too soon to make any calls on what to predict—other than being a thrilling match.

I'll be sure to see you then.

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