Manny Pacquiao Turns Back Clock, Takes To School A Very Game Keith Thurman

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The boxing world is not dead and surely Manny Pacquiao either! In a performance for the ages the Philippino megastar and also Senator literally turned back the clock besting a younger, hungry, and very game Keith Thurman at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

It was an all action fight that keep all the fans on their feet during Twelve rounds of sweat, tears, and blood. "One Time" started with a high pace for the first Two minutes, keeping the distance well and taking the center of the ring, until Pacquiao surprised Thurman with a left body, right hook to the head combination that really caught Keith off guard sending him to the canvas.

Pacquiao controlled the fight in rounds 2-4 with his deadly right jab. He was in total control and even engaging with Thurman has he landed some combinations through the rounds. Thurman seemed uncomfortable with Manny's speed who was at his best.

Thurman found some air back in the middle rounds as Paquiao seemed to get a bit tired but still fighting back and trying to keep his ground. One time landed his share of right hands which Pacquiao took very well in my opinion. Thurman got the middle rounds as the public who was rooting for Manny slowly got in silence through the rounds.

In the Tenth Round The old Manny came back with a vicious well timed left hook to body that almost put Thurman on his knees. One Time showed a lot of heart and guts by not taking it as he used his legs and even took his mouthpiece out in order to get the air back. Unbelievable!

Manny staggered Thurman by the start of the Eleventh with a dangerous left hand to the face but Thurman managed to keep the round almost even.

The Twelth started full of action in the first minute as things slowed a bit down. Thurman hit Pacquiao hard with a right hand as Manny cleverly kept his distance knowing he would probably win the fight on the scorecards.

It was a fight for the ages where vintage Manny showed up and filled the fans with tears of joy and nostalgia. A very inspirational performance for sure.

As for Thurman not all is over. His stock actually raised with such a performance. He always was competitive until the end and showed great power and heart.

Two judges scored the action packed fight for Pacquiao by the same margin (115-112). Judge Glenn Feldman had it for Thurman, 114-113.

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its not over at all some great things still happening that what will keep the fans to the edge of their seats anyways thanks for sharing

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What a great evening for lovers of boxing, finally set the trajectory and both gave us great expectations.
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Divided decision? Come on man! Many receive some punch but was clearly the winner.

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It was a close one, but Pac clearly one this one. cheers bro.