Seven77 Challenge Day 40

in #sportstalklast year

Day 40 of 77 #Seven77 Challenge Day 40 Season 1

#Steem is evolving into a descentralized ecosystem. Everyone eventually will get their proper share of the cake, though be careful if you bit more than you can chew"


Push ups on the beach, now that’s my kind of lifestyle.

I'm gonna be your clone in my country. Gimme a couple of months and some tatoos. I'm bulking up champ!

I probably have a clone in every country, might as well add yours my brother.
Tattoos like mine will only take 100+ hours. You’ve got it 😉

Weldone man.
Keep up the great work.

Cheers champ!

@ jonsnow1983 Hello dear friend, I love the places you choose to do your physical activities. Excellent
congratulations on the record
I wish you a great day

Greetings brother, hope everything is well!