The Lessons Learnt From "Joshua-Ruiz" Boxing Bout Rematch. (An Editorial Sports Analysis By @Josediccus)

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At the Diriyah Arena after twelve rounds, Andy Ruiz will be going home a defeated man and from side of my heart I knew Joshua was going to win this. however it didn't take away anything from the contest, there was blood and gore and believe me Ruiz has been the most worthy competitor that Joshua has faced in his career and after this experience I believe Joshua will speak less and train more because the reason why boxers like Deontay Wilder has had a lot of negative things to say about Joshua is that he's More than just a boxer, he's a poster boy, the one for the camera and of course the guy that talks a lot about his victories but that of course has some truth to it but it doesn't take away the fact that Joshua is one of the best and sometimes he might tend to rest too much on his oars but when he's determined to get shit done, hell he gets shit done and tonight just like he did in Saudi Arabia yesternight.

Without mincing words it's psychologically obvious that Ruiz will be more relaxed while Joshua will be more hungrier because he knew the implications of losing, what it might mean to his career and his confidence at large. So because of this psychological advantage it's obvious there's a nudge that's pushing Joshua and believe me the fear of Ruiz was deep in him and this time he worked on his speed ass Ruiz is also fast, he got thinner and my goodness, I wonder what Ruiz was thinking adding more weight. I don't know how he managed to carry himself around in the first match in New York but definitely adding more weight would mean being slower and I get he'll get more balance but Joshua has learnt from the first match and Ruiz had the psychological disadvantage he needed even more work than Joshua because believe me it's easier to be a champion but it's harder to remain q champion.

Don't take anything away from this match I think it's one of the matches that'll make non-boxing fans to even love boxing the more because there was the hype and glamour and believe me there i lived up to more expectations than watching Mayweather or Klitschko. Don't get me wrong I feel the expectations was here because there was this need to see this Match believe me it was more than just a boxing Match and this is what makes football attracts a lot of supportership, when the game become more than just a game then it attracts the attention of people and boy has this Match redefined boxing? Yes it has in a spectacular way, as for the results it wasn't a total coup or take away it was well balanced and even when it was going down the wire I was watching Joshua his countenance and his body language and from the 9th round he became more relaxed I think he felt he knew he was taking this home.

And as for Ruiz, he's been a worthy opponent and I felt there was nothing he could do again, he's a beast in the ring, no doubt and I didn't believe him when he said he's been out partying for six months, I won't say the first match was a fluke I felt he showed the world how to beat Joshua but then Joshua knows his flaws and I feel he'll be working towards making something out of it. That said Ruiz met a more angry Joshua and that definitely counted. Joshua's fears made him victorious, Ruiz had pushed him to the wall and he came at Ruiz hungrier, that said he never got Ruiz on the cheap and if there was a third match I believe 12 rounds won't be enough to decide the winner. In conclusion this is a breakthrough for Ruiz's career he walks off as one of the most feared boxers in the world and he'll go down as one of the people who changed the mindset of others that Joshua is unbeatable and the sky can only be his limit.

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After last night I still don't rate Joshua and don't see him as a great fighter. He can't take a punch and that is a huge weakness in any boxer. He won't be champion for long as I see him as a sitting duck. Luckily for him the heavy weight division doesn't have any outstanding boxers right now.

Luckily for him the heavy weight division doesn't have any outstanding boxers right now.

And that's why he might keep being top for a long time, I think dodging blows is something he can do well and while it might seems unfair hahaha it's part of the game. He can't take a punch quite true but fury does or did the same too. These guys are in one way or another cheaters. Qudos to Ruiz, he's been amazing.

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