352,000 SPORTS STAKED! Road to 1M! 2M! 3M! INVEST IN SPORTS!

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sports staked.png

What's up Sports Talk Nation! This is just a short post from me to celebrate another personal milestone for me and this is my journey on the road to 1M but even so I think I will continue to powerup sports because I think the future is even brighter here and also I want to thank all these guys who are still supporting me from day one up until now.

@dwin0603, @mindblast, @akilie1029, @toffer, @ruah, @surpassinggoogle, @blanchy.sports , @daltono, @flipstar.sports, @flipstar, @kid4life.sports, @talesfrmthecrypt, @patrickulrich, @zzogo, @pouchon4sports, @fitcoin

I think what made this possible is by creating a ton of sports logo and doing basketball article here on SPORTS, so for my new viewers or readers of my article here are some of the self made logo for sports that I created.

Sportstalk ESPORTS.pngSportstalk Billiards.pngSportstalk Badminton.pngSportstalk FOOTBALL.png


MARLIANS SPORTSTALK julstamban.pngfooter.jpg

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I am just now staking some sports tokens !

Congrats....that's awesome and a goal of mine after stuff settles
Awesome energy

wow thanks, I think I saw you in scorum?

yeah that is I :P
good to see you around

well done buddy. am loving the community - just starting to get into the swing of things myself. slowly but surely.

Good for you, continue what you are doing eventually it will pay off

Great one man!

More stakes more rewards

Yeah yeah yeah hoping the day I can cashout and live through sportstalk haha

Great job. I am up to 880,000.

I am hoping to get to a million very soon.

wow cool, it would be cooler if you drop an upvote hahaha nah just kidding . way to go man i hope i can catch up soon

Congrats on the milestone. Keep up the good work