Tom Dumoulin joins team Jumbo Visma

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Tom Dumoulin joined team Jumbi Visma in August 19 Monday. After eight years, the former world champion quit Sunweb after eight years. he was forced to sit with a knee injury in this years Tour de France.

Winning a Grand Tour with Dumoulin in its ranks for the next three years was a goal said Jumbo-Visma

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Dumoulin on his new team's website:

"I'm looking forward to contributing to that goal, winning a Grand Tour",

The 28-year old Tom Dumoulin in this years's Tour de France was forced to sit due ro his injury that shorten his Giro challenge. Because of this and while he was away he began to decide on his future and great offers in his way

“As a rider you always search for the highest level achievable and you constantly ask yourself whether you are still in the right place, what is the best team for you and where the best options and opportunities are,”

“There has always been interest from other teams, that’s normal, but the facilities here have always made me not to speak with other teams. After the disappointment of missing the Tour and finding myself sitting at home, I started to consider that a new environment could be refreshing. That’s why I decided to focus on the interest of some teams. There were great offers and this phase of my career felt like the right time to take it.”