Celebrating my 100 Followers!

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Hey everyone.

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If you'd scroll down and visit my timeline, you'll surely see that all of my posts are Sports related. Safe to say, I'm a die hard Sportstalk user. It can also be evident because my 1.8 million stake and my SP delegation is currently delegated to @sportsvoter, Sportstalksocial's curation account which I receive around 8000 Sports dividends everyday.

I've finally reached 100 followers! Thanks to all of the users here who followed my and curated the contents I share. I know not all are from Sportstalk, but its safe to say most of my followers are sportstalk users.

As a way to give back, to thank everyone who has been part of my journey. I will upvoting (50% - 100%) to all of the users who will be commenting on this post. It will range from 800 - 1600 sports of course depending on the thought of the comment.

If the number of commenters goes beyond 10, I'll throw an additional 10,000 Sports to be divided among them. This is an appreciation post for a successful journey in Steemit and my Sportstalk tribe journey. Without the community and the people supporting me, I can't achieve this feat.

Again, thank you everyone for the amazing journey :)

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Congratulations to you @korver. Your dedication and investment in sportstalk is gradually paying off. Wish you many more amazing success stories. Steem on...

Thank you @mcshayn! Steem on bud :)

First of all congrats for this @korver. Nice to see that you have such a high expectation from the sporttalk platform.
I hope a day will come, when ever user in globe will be browsing www.sportstalksocial.com for every new, events related to sports.

I certainly hope so @gudly036. It's still a long way to get Sportstalk there, but its improving everyday.

Thats a great achievement, its a dream for most of us. Wish you a longer and enjoyable stay here in the steemit platform.

We all together will make stemmit great again with helping and supporting each other !!!

Thanks a lot buddy :)

This is a great milestone. Congratulations on achieving this within this space of time. Your reputation score is also in a very great place, meaning you're not doing great only on sportstalksocial, but also on the parent platform, steemit. Kudos to you and this 🍷 is to many more milestones ahead.

Thanks a lot buddy. Yes, you're true but most of my activity is done in Sportstalksocial :)

Congratulations man. Keep sailing.

Thank you buddy! :)

Great one man ✌️

Thanks man!

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