Covid Squirrel Breakfast

in #sportstalk7 months ago

Educational video demonstrating terminal performance of .30 caliber FX Impact PCP Air Rifle 50.15 grain pellet, 852 fps. I finally put together some old footage. No, it didn't go to waste. Some folks enjoy Bacon or sausage for breakfast. We had squirrel biscuits-n-gravy this day and save a trip to the store. Warning: graphic video and pic that vegans won't enjoy. Please be tolerant of others as we tolerate you.


Hey mate, I cross-posted this into my community The Pew so you should see some additional rewards coming through from that crosspost.

A good indication of what a shooter sees through the scope and that the crosshairs are rarely perfectly still like the movies depict. I've never eaten a squirrel - Taste good? We don't have them here but we have possums. Shooters call them tree rabbits.

Anyway, good little video.

Thanks for that! I started looking into Pew on steem but never figured it out. I will look into it again. Now that we're on Hive, it's got to be better!

As far as taste, "tastes like chicken" right? Squirrel actually kinda does, but a little bit more gamey. Over here, some folks call squirrels "tree rats", but I've never eaten a rat so can't compare. At least I know that the ones around here feed on nuts and wild stuff so good in = good out? We have raccoons and opossums here as well. I've heard raccoons are ok, but haven't tried. I don't think I could bring myself to even try a possum unless starving and then maybe that just before I start going after my mates. I dunno, may be a toss up, lol.

Haha! Going after your mates. Some of mine might be a bit tough, but with a little marinade...Yeah, if I was starving and they came with a side of onion rings and slaw...

I've not eaten a possum and don't know anyone who has. Weirdest thing I've eaten was camel, emu and wombat. Croc too I guess. All pretty good. Taste like chicken. (Not really.) I don't think I'd eat any again though, except crocodile which is really pretty tasty.