Neymar's actions do not please everyone in Paris

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"I'm not worried about Neymar. I didn't expect much of him in the game, especially since he missed six weeks," Tokel said in comments highlighted by French newspaper L'Equipe. "He is like other players who need time to regain their rhythm. Engage it for 60 minutes. "

The German coach added: "I did not see what Neymar did to go directly to the locker room after the replacement, because I was thinking of a tactical adjustment, and we have to talk about it in the internal framework."

Asked whether he was afraid to announce the starting line-up for the Germans, who will face Real Madrid next Tuesday, Tokel replied: "I have already made strong decisions last season and this season as well, for example informing Cavani that he will not participate essentially not easy at all, and do you think it is easy He told Neymar that he would be replaced after 60 minutes? No, it wasn't easy.

He said: "We have benefited a lot from the survival of Di Maria and Icardi with us during the international stoppage. Firstly".