McGregor Conor, Highlighted by the media as a Destroyer of The Good Name MMA Sport

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McGregor, the MMA fighter, is back in the media spotlight for his arrogance which refers to the beating of a 50-year-old man from Dublin in a pub some time ago. The incident occurred because McGregor did not accept the victim's refusal when the fighter nicknamed The Notorious offered a glass of drink.

McGregor's brutality was captured by surveillance cameras in the pub and then went viral in cyberspace.

Firas Zahabi, who is a mixed martial arts trainer (MMA) was very upset over this incident. Zahabi sees Irish fighter Conor McGregor as a destroyer of the sport's image.

"This is a shame for MMA. This is shameful for all of us," Zahabi said through the Tristan Gym channel on YouTube and was quoted by MMA Junkie.

"When the media or people from other sports say, 'Oh, MMA people are like animals. They are barbaric, cruel, barbaric sports.' "It will be difficult for us to restore the image of MMA," Zahabi added.

Zahabi doesn't care about what people say about McGregor. What is clear, he continued, the incident at the pub could not be justified.

If you are this kind of person, you are of no value. Your score is zero, "and Zahabi believes 99 percent of all Irish people see the incident feeling hate. I am sure 99 percent of his coaching staff are disgusted. Everyone hates this incident. He probably thinks nobody is recording this,".

It's not just the Irish who feel hate over McGregor's brutality. when the world has seen it, scorn and insults cannot be avoided. people will comment through social media accounts. as before against Khabib who was his rival. McGregor's arrogance and arrogance had been seen from that day. and we already know how many bad comments were made against McGregor. It is very sad if there are still warriors with such mentality in MMA.

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